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    Gee, hard to know which one to believe. :-)



    Once more, the catholic church has elected an elderly, homophobic anti-women biggot as pope.

    We are all well aware of the old pope’s ties to the NAZI Regime, member of Hitler Youth, uniformed Wehrmacht soldier as well as his complicity in covering up numerous cases of sexual abuse by priests. Seems like its same old same old with Francis –

    On 15 April 2005, a human rights lawyer filed a criminal complaint against Bergoglio, as superior in the Society of Jesus of Argentina, accusing him of involvement in the kidnapping by the Navy in May 1976 (during the Dirty War) of two Jesuit priests.[17] The priests, Orlando Yorio and Franz Jalics, were found alive five months later, drugged and semi-naked. Yorio accused Bergoglio of effectively handing them over to the death squads by declining to tell the regime that he endorsed their work. Jalics refused to discuss it after moving into seclusion in a German monastery.[18] Horacio Verbitsky, an Argentine investigative journalist and former montonero, wrote a book about this and other related events titled El Silencio: de Paulo VI a Bergoglio: las relaciones secretas de la Iglesia con la ESMA.[19] Verbitsky also writes that the Argentine Navy with the help of Cardinal Bergoglio hid the dictatorship’s political prisoners in Bergoglio’s holiday home from a visiting delegation of the Inter-American Human Rights Commission.[20] According to the book, after their release, Yorio accused the then-Provincial of his Jesuit order San Miguel, Jorge Mario Bergoglio, to have denounced him. Father General Pedro Arrupe in Rome was informed by letter or during the abduction, both he and Orlando Yorio were excluded from the Jesuit Order.[21] All in all, not a very nice person, but well in keeping with those who rise to the top of this criminal gang.

    Maryam Namazie is an apostate from Islam, a campaigner for human rights, feminist, communist and anti-sharia campaigner. She was the National Secular Society’s 2005 Secularist of the Year award winner.

    In this short video Maryam talks about the importance of showing the human face of atheism.

    Stéphane Frédéric Hessel (20 October 1917 – 26 February 2013[1]) was a diplomat, ambassador, writer, concentration camp survivor, French Resistance fighter and BCRA agent. Born German, he became a naturalised French citizen in 1939. He participated in the editing of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of 1948. In 2011, he was named by Foreign Policy magazine to its list of top global thinkers. In later years, his activism focused on economic inequalities, protection for the post-WW2 social vision. and the palestinian conflict. His short book “Time for Outrage” (fr: Indignez-vous!) was a surprising success with 4.5 millions copies sold worldwild. Hessel and his book were linked and cited as as an inspiration for Spanish Indignados (M15 movment), US Occupy Wall Street movement and multiple other political movements.
    -from his entry at Wikipedia

    There is an obituary at The Guardian and another at The New York Times.

    He was a contributor the the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

    Forest Hills, NY (PRWEB) July 16, 2010

    The Atheist Pocket Debater is a wildly popular iPhone app for Nonbelievers, Agnostics, and Freethinkers, that contains old and new arguments against the existence of God.

    Author Michael Shermer, publisher of Skeptic magazine, says, “Atheist Pocket Debater is an excellent and useful tool for Atheists and Skeptics.”

    This iPhone app for Atheists provides many ways to argue and debate against Christians, Creationists, and Bible Thumpers. It is set up for very quick reference and memorization. In addition to the atheist debater section, the app contains two other complete sections: Skepticism, dealing with rational thinking, aliens, ghosts, psychics, and get-rich-quick schemes, and Humanism, which contains positive and uplifting humanistic articles including the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Humanist Manifesto.

    Roy Speckhardt, Executive Director of American Humanist Association says, “Atheist Pocket Debater provides smart, at-the-ready responses to critiques of atheism. It also includes a wealth of information about humanism and skepticism.”

    Jason Hagen, the creator of the Atheist Pocket Debater, was featured in the July 3rd front page story of the New York Times titled “You Say God Is Dead? There’s an App for that” by Paul Vitello.

    On July 8th, Jason attended “The Amazing Meeting” conference in Las Vegas; speakers included Richard Dawkins, James Randi, comedian Paul Provenza, and Mythbusters Adam Savage, among many others. “I’ve been pleased with the success and popularity of the Atheist Pocket Debater, though I’m not surprised. The number of atheists in the world is highly underestimated,” says the author of the Atheist Pocket Debater, Jason Hagen. “If you’re an atheist or agnostic, know that logic is on your side. This app shows you how.”

    Proof of the topics continuing popularity was further evidenced when Jason was interviewed July 10, on Free Thought Radio with Dan Barker, President of the Freedom from Religion Foundation. The interview can be heard on iTunes Free Thought Radio podcast.

    App features include font and text size controls, and it is compatible with Apple iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

    Pricing and Availability:

    Atheist Pocket Debater is available for purchase at $ 2.99 through the iTunes App store at:

    Promotional Video:

    Official Website:

    About the author:

    Professional musician, real estate investor, and entrepreneur Jason Hagen currently resides in New York City.


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    Dallas, TX (Vocus) September 6, 2010

    A stirring, poignant, and moving love story will soon touch the hearts of many as author A. Elio Borme shares this English adaptation of his Italian novel. My Dear Clochard awaits readers who have loved, are in love, had loved and lost, and are waiting to love.

    Nicole is now a sixtyish lady, but still beautiful and spirited. She is single and lives a prosperous life, being the president of her own music production company. Pierre, the great love of her life while they both were still students, is a free-thinker, a visionary, and an often misunderstood individual because of the social changes he anticipates to help transform the world. Their love affair then had been beautiful and unique, but with the philosophical conflicts they had, it left little room for romance. That time, she simply wanted to be happy, like most other girls, but she just wasnt mature enough yet for Pierre.

    It has been years since they have last seen each other. One evening, as she is watching television, she recognizes his old flame, Pierre. But what makes it really interesting is that the TV report is a documentary on the life of the clochards in the city. She is shocked that Pierre now lives in the Trocadero, together with other street people without shelter. Overwhelmed with emotion, she visits her friend Michelle and they muse over the past. Because she couldnt believe it, she thinks that Pierre is just masquerading as a clochard for some eccentric reason. So, the following day, she goes and visits him at his old address. She wants to talk to him and ask him so many questions. But what will Nicole find out?

    My Dear Clochard is indeed a beautiful tale of love, society, change, hope, and life. For more information on this book, log on to

    About the Author

    Antonio Elio Borme was born into an Italian family at Rovinij (now Croatia) in 1935. At a very young age, he was predisposed to music, a precocious avocation, unfortunately not encouraged by his parents. He spent his youth in Italy, in Desenzano on the Lake of Garda, and in Rome where he studied medicine. He graduated from medical school in 1960, was married in 1962, and has two sons who live in the United States. His life was always dedicated to literature and humanity studies, with emphasis on the great Italian and Greek classics. He pursued the medical profession as a surgeon in Italy, England, Canada, and the United States. Today, he has become a full-time writer. My Dear Clochard is already being published in Italy as well as a few earlier works, which will also be published in France. This work, besides lending a voice to the less privileged of society, is also a token reminder; it chronicles a time when history was not made by gladiatorsthe common trait symbolizing the fall of an empirebut by leaders. He has a number of literary projects, such as a new version of Virgils Aeneid. He lives in Dallas, Texas, with his second wife.

    My Dear Clochard * by A. Elio Borme

    Publication Date: May 5, 2010

    Trade Paperback; $ 19.99; 171 pages; 978-1-4500-5651-9

    Trade Hardback; $ 29.99; 171 pages; 978-1-4500-5652-6

    eBook; $ 9.99; 978-1-4500-5653-3

    Members of the media who wish to review this book may request a complimentary paperback copy by contacting the publisher at (888) 795-4274 x. 7879. To purchase copies of the book for resale, please fax Xlibris at (610) 915-0294 or call (888) 795-4274 x. 7879.

    For more information on self-publishing or marketing with Xlibris, visit To receive a free publishing guide, please call (888) 795-4274.

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    (PRWEB) August 26, 2004

    Infidel – Controversy, science, religion, philosophy, debate, social issues and much more… these are but a few of the issues discussed on “Live with The Infidel Guy”. is the largest internet radio destination that dares to tackle those issues dead on. For almost 6 difficult years, Reginald V. Finley, Sr. has been spearheading a movement via internet radio to challenge traditional beliefs and evoke critical thought. With over 30,000 fans and a distribution of about 100,000 internationally the Infidel Guy promises to be a beacon of freethought for a long time to come.

    “I just want people to know that it’s okay to not believe in any god/s and if you do, that’s fine, just don’t thumb your noses at people that don’t share your theological view,” said Mr. Finley. “There are good reasons why one chooses to not accept unprovable, supernatural claims, more specifically, a god.”

    Mr. Finley is a recent graduate at the Atlanta Broadcast Institute. He envisions himself eventually bringing his controversial show to television as well as AM/FM radio. In fact, Mr. Finley is already working with many other internet radio programs to get his show heard. “In effect, I am syndicating myself,” he says. One of which is a fast growing internet R&B internet station. “IG” will be doing a LIVE show on Sundays, sharing with many Black Americans a different view on religion. “I’ve noticed that the traditional broadcast industry shies away from religious criticism, yet sex and political oriented talk are abound, now, it’s my turn,” he says. Mr. Finley is certain that this is an untapped market that would surely bring in revenue and listenership to any station with the courage to give him a shot. Although he’s harsh on assorted dogma, he’s not a dogmatist himself, admitting humbly when he doesn’t know something.

    Landover Baptist has affectionately dubbed The Infidel Guy as “America’s most Dangerous Black Atheist.” The only thing remotely dangerous about this confident, intelligent and handsome person… is his mind.

    You can visit IG on the web at:

    Contact: Reginald V. Finley, Sr.




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    Tampa, FL (PRWEB) January 13, 2006

    Professor Andrew Bernardin asks if moral/ethical behavior is related solely to “holy” texts.

    Many American preachers and politicians believe that without religion in general, and Christianity specifically, this country will slide into immorality. Are they right? What is the influence of religion on behavior? Beyond presupposition, what do scientific studies and the data on crime reveal?

    In a PowerPoint presentation, Andrew Bernardin will share statistical analyses of national and international crime rates and religious affiliation. He will also discuss risk factors for criminal behavior identified by psychological research. Is atheism on the list?

    Does religious involvement cause a person to be more or less likely to steal, batter, or kill? Is the claim that “The Good Book” is good for behavior in any way justified? Attend and find out.

    Brief Bio: Andrew Bernardin is an adjunct professor of psychology at Daytona Beach Community College. He has been a guest on radio programs to discuss scientific topics, has given numerous talks to freethought/humanistic organizations, and his writings have appeared in Skeptic magazine and elsewhere. For more information, visit his web site,

    When: Jan. 21, 12:30 p.m., early supper follows.

    Where: Bridgeport Center/West Shore,

    5201 W Kennedy Blvd Ste 124, Tampa


    Open to the public: $ 6 non-members – RSVP required – 813-849-7571

    Ample parking is available.

    Center for InquiryFlorida is one of several regional offices of Center for InquiryTransnational. CFI is an educational nonprofit organization that explores and advances critical thinking, freedom of inquiry, and humanist values through education, outreach, and social services.

    To learn more about who we are, and the services we offer our surrounding communities, please visit our web site

    Contact: Toni Van Pelt

    Center for Inquiry-Florida

    5201 W Kennedy Blvd Ste 124

    Tampa FL 33609

    Phone 813-849-7571

    Fax 813-849-75725201 W Kennedy Blvd Ste 124

    http://cfiflorida.orgCenter for InquiryFloridaPress Release

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